Dear Sir/ Madam,

I am proud to offer you the New Passover Haggadah. 

 A traditional Jewish book that serves the Jewish people every Passover.

The book was designed by the well none Israeli designer Asher Kalderon, who for 10 years illustrated and designed all the pages of the Haggadah in his unique style.

The book is a life project of Kalderon (almost 90 years old) that creates modern and unique interpretation of the eternal bible story of exodus with traditional prayers colorfully illustrated and illuminated by him.  

120 pages with 58 colorful illustrations are in the book that it is written in English and Hebrew.

The book was published in two editions:

1. Unlimited edition,

Size:  9.5"X 9"

Price: $ 20

2. Limited edition of 396 copies,

Prestigious edition,

Size: 13.25"X 12.75

Price: $ 3,000

You can see all the Haggadah pages on the web:


At the end of September I'll be in New York and I'd be happy to meet you.

I would like to know where to send samples of the book.


Best Regards

Tal Kalderon